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The old jewish quarter of Marrakech "The Mellah"

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Once the neighborhood of the Jewish community fleeing pogroms in Europe in the 15th and 16th centuries, the " Mellah " which means salt in Arabic and Hebrew, is now a historical and authentic neighborhood with various "souks" and atmosphere high in colors. Hidden from the rest of the city by high walls, which originally had separated Jewish and Muslim communities, you can find  the spice bazaar, or the jewelry and a lot of cute little alleys ! Although most habitants today are Muslims, the " Jewish quarter " has retained the marks and traces of its past including the Lazama synagogue and the Jewish cemetery Miaara.

Distance : Jewish cemetery and the Lazama synagogue are about 600 meters from the Riad towards the northeast.
miaara cemetery, Taoulat El Miara avenue,
Take the Berrima street, and then turn right to meet taoulat el Miaara avenue.