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Massages and body care

Wellness treatments

Why not take time during your stay at Riad Chamali to relax completely and enjoy a massage "at home"? We also offer beauty treatments.

A professional team comes at a time that suits you at the Riad, in your room.

Hammam care are also part of integrating Moroccan culture and local lifestyle! Our project to build a hammam Riad Chamali is underway, but in the meantime, we can book for you in the near Spa, in the district of the Kasbah, to care for the Moroccan.


Every day (except Tuesdays) from 9 am to 7 pm




1h relaxing massage : 35 €
1h invigorating massage : 37 €
1h massage with hot and cold stones : 45 €

30 min back massage with pads : 25 €
30 min face massage and scalp : 20 €
30 min reflexology : 25 €
Beauty care

Manicure & pedicure and nail polish: 32 €
Complete epilation (down, eyebrows, underarms, legs ½ ½ arm Brazilian shirt): 33 €

Anti-aging: 1 hour face restructuring care and high performance-based product of the Dead Sea in Jordan, giving vitality and protection in the face and firmed skin: 40 €

brilliant stroke care: 45 minutes for the face and neckline based on argan oil and orange blossom for a smoother and firmer skin radiates a new brilliance: 35 €

oriental care: 45 min targeted treatment for the face and neck, against the imperfections it releases clogged pores and regulates sebum for a more healthy and fresh skin: 32 €


Packages Riad Chamali

For women

radiance facial treatment, 20 min face massage and scalp, manicure & pedicure and nail polish: 70 €

For men

1 hour massage for muscle green tea oil, beauty of the hands and feet: 60 €